Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend News

We sat in our Sharing Circle (close to a circle shape!) on the carpet, and each person took a turn telling us about his/her weekend news. The person holding the special ball was the speaker, and the others were the listeners/audience. We will be doing this every Monday.
We read a book today on the Smart Board. It was called Mr. Turkey. Except there was a problem.... the sentences were all mixed up! The kids had a lot of fun putting the words back in the correct order to tell the story! {We noticed each sentence had 5 words, and practiced leaving space between the words --  just like we need to leave personal space between people!}

The school divisions Numeracy Resource Teacher visited us today. She played a game called "Shake and Spill" with some kids. Directions: shake a container with 5 paper beans (that are red on one side and white on the other). Spill them onto the table. Can you subitize -- quickly say how many are red and how many are white without actually counting them?  If not, then count how many are red and how many are white. Then colour the corresponding number of red/white beans on your paper.

The newest member of our class shared his "All About Me" bag today.

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