Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bus Ridership

It was a busy day in Kindergarten!!!
Bus Driver Bob came to visit our school today. This morning he taught us all about Bus Ridership. He taught us the safety rules about going on and off the bus, and the safety rules for when we are on the bus. (Parents: Ask your child to tell you all about these rules.)

  The danger zone..... a bar comes out in front of the bus, to help guide us on a safe distance to cross in front of the bus- and so the driver can see us. A STOP sign also pops out on the side of the bus --- and all vehicle traffic is legally required to stop when that STOP sign comes out!
In case of emergency, if we are not able to leave via the front door, we can exit through the back door at the back of the bus!

More acting today with Laura Kolisnyk.
Sharing Time.... something that is GREEN

We also had 2 fire drills!!!                               .......and that was a peek into our day!

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