Thursday, October 15, 2015

Library..Day 3

Day 3 is Library Day. Mrs. Wood brought in something interesting from her garden for us to look at! Do you know what kind of squash it is?  Then she read us the story Sopie's Squash before we got to pick out a book to check out and take home. (Only the students who returned their library book from last week were allowed to sign out a new book.) 

Mrs. Macdonell came to talk to us as part of a follow up visit (for Roots of Empathy) to when Baby Elias was here last week. She also read us a special story where we talked about emotions.
Sharing time -- something that is green

PLEASE return library books by next Day 3


  1. That's a big squash! It appears everyone is enjoying their books. Did you have fun in the library?
    Mrs. Grant's aunt

    1. Hi! Thank you for the comment. We had fun getting books in the library. We really liked the squash story!
      From Room 7