Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Elias

Today was the day we got to meet baby Elias and his mom. Elias was born in July, and is going to be a little teacher for us as part of the Roots of Empathy program. (click on the link for more info. about this program)

Elias's mom said he reached a new milestone while he was in our class..... This was the first time he ever rolled over!!! WOW!!!! That is very exciting!
First we compared how big (long) Elias was in comparison to the Roots of Empathy Doll. We noticed he is longer than the doll. Then we used a non-standard measurement (soft blocks) to see how many blocks long Elias is. We will do this again in June to see how much he has grown.
We will see how much WE grow, as well as baby Elias over the next 9 months!
Friday's Sharing Group... something that is RED
Happy Thanksgiving.... Parents: Check your child's red communication folder for a little surprise!

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