Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star of the Week

Our "Star of the Week" did an awesome job presenting her All About Me poster, telling us about her photos, and answering questions. The class was able to take what we learned from her and write a story that was all about her!  Every Monday we will have a new Star of the Week. Your child will bring home the necessary information when it is his/her turn. 

  • Our presenter was very confident and used a good speaking voice, and the rest of the class was learning to be a good/polite audience - taking turns speaking and listening. 
  • We are learning how people/families are the same as well as how they are different. (Social Studies)
  • As we work on these shared writing activities throughout the year, we are learning :
    • that print goes from left to write and top to bottom
    • tracking print - see one word/say one word
    • to identify the initial sounds in some words (and more sounds over the year)
    • about building a sight word vocabulary
    • about spaces between words
    • ending the sentence with a period (like a STOP sign)
    • and more!!!

Ms. Rempel took these next couple of photos in Music Class today.

 Puzzle time..
  Sharing this week... something that is YELLOW


  1. I am happy to hear of all the great advancements the children are making and proud to hear that the star of week was very well spoken.

    Wonderful job to everyone for being a great listener and speaker.

    I look forward to seeing more stars of the week!

    1. Hi. Thank you for the message, Calvin (said a special little girl). We liked learning about the Star of the Week!
      From Room 7