Thursday, October 29, 2015


Practicing drawing a pumpkin... (we noticed they have lots of curved lines on them)

Oh NO!!  Mrs. Grant didn't have any orange paint for us to paint our pumpkin drawings. There is only red and yellow paint.  hmmmm .... One person suggested we just paint them red. Someone else suggested we mix the red and yellow paints.... and look what happened!!  We made ORANGE paint!   It seemed so magical, and we didn't even use any magical words!!! 

Here are the skeletons that we made the other day.

Halloween party tomorrow. Students may either bring or wear their costume to school. Parents are invited to come see our costume parade at 1:15 PM in the gym tomorrow. 


  1. BOO,OOOOOO The Texas blog reader says Happy Halloween. Isn't this one of your favorite times of year? I'm anxious to see your costumes. I probably won't recognize you.

    1. Hi. Did you like our costumes? We had fun on Halloween.
      From Room 7