Friday, March 20, 2015

This Week At School

Every Friday we talk about what we did at school this week. St. Patrick's Day fun was on most people's minds this week! After we brainstorm our ideas, each person writes a story to take home and share with someone. We keep these stories in our T.W.A.S. books (TWAS =(This Week At School). The kids are at various writing stages. We have talked about matching our picture to our story, using appropriate colours in our drawings, putting finger spaces between our words, and putting something at the end of our sentence. Students are encouraged to use words that they already know (sight words) and to print all the sounds they hear in unfamiliar words. Here's what some of the kids independently wrote about today.
"We had a leprechaun in our classroom."
            "We had leprechauns and we tried to catch him but he was too fast!"
                                     "A leprechaun went to our room left some green footprints!"
        "We ate magic powder and milk. It was fun."

Some of our St. Patrick's Day activities.....

Sharing time....things that start with letter /p/

THERE ARE SOME SPECIAL ACTIVITIES NEXT WEEK.... please refer to the note that was sent home yesterday.

Put on by the Grade 4/5 classes.....


Monday March. 23rd to Friday March.27th, is our spirit week at Stevenson! We are going to be holding a fundraising food stand. The food stand will be open during am & pm recesses. The proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. You won’t want to miss this… Snacks include:

Monday at the back doors– Milky Monday, selling milk for $1.00 and cookies for $0.25
Tuesday at the back doors – Juice boxes for $0.75 and chips for $1.00
Wednesday at the back doors– Milk for $1.00 and licorice for $0.25
Thursday, outside of the gym during the movie
– Pretzels for $0.75, popcorn for $0.50 and pop for $0.75
Friday, outside of the gym during the basketball game
– Juice boxes for $0.75 and candy bags $1.00

But that’s not all…

On Thursday March 26th, we are also going to have a movie in the gym at 1pm and it is “Finding Nemo”. Legendary Flavors will sell some treats and snacks for the movie. On Friday March 27th, we have a basketball game it is students vs. teachers. Legendary Flavors will sell some snacks and drinks during this event as well.

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  1. Very cute pics for spirit week and Sophie's show and tell. :-) Susan Zielinski