Thursday, March 26, 2015

Primary colours and Mission Impossible

For Spirit Week, each class was able to decide how they wanted to dress today. Our class decided to dress in primary colours (we thought everyone would have some red, yellow, and/or blue clothes).  We did a little math, too, when we took our photos.....
All this week, the gym has been set up with a Mission Impossible activity. The mission complete all the activities and get to the end and ring the gong....and then you were qualified to be  secret agent! The kids really enjoyed this special activity. A big thank you goes out to our gym teachers for organizing it!

Sharing Time
Everyone enjoyed watching the movie "Finding Nemo" in the gym this afternoon. 

Reminder that tomorrow is Backwards Day!


  1. Wow, everyone looks so nice in their primary colours! And that Mission Impossible looks like it would be a blast! Did anyone make it to the end? How fun to watch a movie in the gym, too.

    1. Hi! We had lots of fun doing the Mission Impossible. Everyone did it one time, and some people finished it 2 or 3 times!
      From Room 7