Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Our school started off the morning with an assembly. The Grade 2/3 choir and the Grade 4/5 choir each performed the songs that they had performed at the Festival earlier this week. We also got to see some new apps that some teachers and students shared at the assembly.
This pair was sorting the group of lids today. Many different kinds of lids!!  They decided that they wanted their rule to be -- sort by colour!  They also pointed out that they put them in the order of the rainbow colours!
                                        Then it was decided to sort them by type of lids.....Many different ways to SORT  things... including lids!
   Inside recess for part of the day!!  So we did a little dancing from GoNoodle.
Reminder to please make sure your child is dressed for this weather. A scarf or neck warmer to cover up your child's face is a must on these cold days!  Students go outside if the weather is -27 or warmer!   (according to the weather reported from THE FORKS)
  Sharing Time....


  1. Those two students did an excellent job sorting the lids in the rainbow colours. Well done as well on sorting the different types of lids.
    Keep up the good work! Keep that COLD weather up there, we don't want any.
    This Texas blog reader enjoys your blog.

    1. HI!
      We had fun sorting the lids!
      From Room 7