Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Four Food Groups

Today we identified different foods and how they fit into the food groups. We also sorted different foods into the food groups, according to the Canada Food Guide. We looked at the food guide to see how many servings of each a 5-6 year old child should be eating. We also talked about foods that don't fit into the food guide, and that we might consider a "sometime" treat, but definitely not an everyday treat. We also looked at some juice boxes and noted whether or not they say 100% juice on them, as we now know those are the healthiest kinds of juice to drink as they don't have added sugar. We are going to track our snacks for the next little while to see what kinds of food we are bringing to school for snack time. (Parents might also like to know that we learned that.... no, chocolate milk does not come from brown cows.)

                             Playing a math game on the Smart Board
Sharing Time

We ended the day today with HOUSE GROUPS (multi-grade groupings)

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