Monday, March 16, 2015

Note from the Grade 4/5


Monday March. 23rd to Friday March.27th, is our spirit week at Stevenson! We are going to be holding a fundraising food stand. The food stand will be open during am & pm recesses. The proceeds go to "Doctors Without Borders". You won’t want to miss this… Snacks include:

Monday at the back doors– Milky Monday, selling milk and cookies
Tuesday at the back doors – Juice boxes/chips
Wednesday at the back doors– Milk and muffins
Thursday, outside of the gym during the movie
– Pretzels, popcorn and pop
Friday, outside of the gym during the basketball game
– Juice boxes and candy bags

But that’s not all…

On Thursday March 26th, we are also going to have a movie in the gym and it is “Finding Nemo”. Legendary Flavors will sell some treats and snacks for the movie. On Friday March 27th, we have a basketball game. It is students vs. teachers. Legendary Flavors will sell some snacks and drinks during this event as well.

We hope to see you all there. Have fun!


  1. How much should we be sending for these snacks?

    Xander had a green treat to share with class tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!

    What letter is sharing this week?

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for the yummy treat that X. brought to school.We had fun on St. Patrick's Day.
      From Room 7