Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today during centre time, some kids decided to build a leprechaun trap to try and catch one of the little green fellows!
And sometime during the lunch break..... they came to our room. We missed them!!!  They made a big mess, found lots of green things in our room, tried painting with our green paint, and left us a note with a special leprechaun treat. They told us what the magic words were, and we had to mix and stir.....and when we recited the magic words - the magic powder turned into something to eat!
Some of the comments included....
  • This is good!
  • What could it be?
  • I like how it smells.
  • It tastes sour.
  • It tastes like vanilla pudding!
  • It tastes awful!
  • I sorta like it.
  • Could I have some more?
  • Why do leprechauns like this?

Thank you to one of our students and his mom for sending in a sweet green treat for everyone!


  1. Wow! What an exciting day! You were all so lucky that you had a leprechaun visit your room, even though you couldn't catch him. Looks like you enjoyed some yummy treats too!

    1. Hi.
      Some of the girls made a leprechaun trap, but he didn't go in it! He did take some of our lego pieces out, though. Maybe he thought it was gold!
      From Room 7

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I like the shamrock with all the students names on it. Nice to see that the students remembered to wear their green.
    This Texas reader likes your blog.

    1. Hi!
      We had fun on St. Patrick's day. It was an exciting day. A leprechaun visited our room and made a HUGE mess! He even left green painted footprints on our table.
      From Room 7