Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day fun!

Well….. would you believe a leprechaun was in our room before school started??!!   He left his footprints when he played with our green paint, he left some gold coins, and there was some magic leprechaun glitter-dust, too! He also messed up our room a bit and we had to look around to find our shoes, which were scattered about the room. We found a note with some magic powder and some GREEN milk!  We mixed it up according to his directions… we said the magic words he told us to say…. and ….. then we tried tasting the treat!   Most of us liked it. 

         Mrs. Grant hid (chocolate) gold coins around the classroom. Each coin had the initials of one specific child from our classroom. Each student had to look for the coin that had his/her initials on, and they were not allowed to tell their friends if they found their coin. After a few minutes, everyone had found their specific coin, except for one person. (then someone who had noticed it earlier told him where she had seen it and everyone was happy!)

     We dressed up like a leprechaun, too, just for fun! Check out our videos….

little leprechauns

Room 7

Room 7
Happy St. Patrick's Day --- from Mrs. Grant and family


  1. What a fun day!!! All the Leprechauns look so cute. Doesn't Mrs. Grant and her family look adorable?
    Your regular Texas blog reader

  2. HI. thank you for the comment. A leprechaun visited our room yesterday. Mrs. Grant and her family were being silly.:)