Friday, March 21, 2014


We like to play a quick game called "Mingle". At any time of the day, Mrs. Grant might say "mingle".  This is our signal to start walking around the room and mingling with everyone. Then, after a few moments, Mrs. Grant says "mingle and find 4" ( or any other number) and everyone must arrange themselves into groups of whatever number was called out!  It takes some thinking…. ie. does our group need more people? …. are there too many people?  Also, we have to use appropriate communication skills when inviting people into our group or telling them we have enough. If there is not enough to form a group, then we also talk about how many are left over! 

This is a picture after we did a "mingle and find 4" today.

This was our "mingle and find 3".

  Today we checked out the official copy of the Canada Food Guide. We noticed how many servings of each food group a 5 or 6 year old child should have. Everyone took home their own copy of the food guide.

We created our own modern works of art!  We combined several dots of different colours of  paint….and painted!!! They enjoyed watching how the colours blended together. Everyone created unique paintings!

            Sharing time today

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