Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids in the Know

Using the buddy system......
1.  when you are in a public place, is it o.k. to leave your parents and go to the bathroom by yourself? Just for a few minutes?........ The correct answer is NO.  You should NOT leave your parents, and you should always have a buddy when you go into a public bathroom. (The buddy can wait outside the bathroom stall for you).
2.  A friendly man sees you at the park, and asks you if you would like to go for an ice cream with him.... Is that o.k.?
3. You are walking down the street, and it is raining, and someone driving by stops and says that your mom told him to pick you up and give you a ride home.   Is that o.k.?
Mrs. McDonnell presented our class with numerous examples of situations that were safe or unsafe. We had to listen to each short example, and then decide if the characters in her story were acting in a safe way or not a safe way. We held up a red card to say "not safe" and a green card to say "safe".
Hoodie Owl says….."If asked to go ...shout NO! "  
Baxter bunny says….."Always bring a buddy along."

Mrs. Macdonell reading us a story about safety
Personal information..... Does your child know his/her phone number? Does your child know your "real" name? This is important information that every child should know.

     This young fellow is our Star of the Week.  Yesterday he told us all about himself. Today we did a shared writing activity and wrote a story all about him. We had 6 sentences in our story.
    Sharing time this week…. something that starts with the letter /p/.…. like in St. Patrick's Day

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