Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grocery Store

"May I help you?"  These are some of the nice words that were being spoken at the "Kinderstor"  Grocery Store today. It is our newest dramatic play centre. 

    "May I help you?  This is the produce section. We have a good selection of fruits and vegetable."

We must keep the story tidy. This store clerk was spotted cleaning up today!

     This student wrote about what she did when she played in the Grocery Store centre today. She included some sight words she has already learned, and wrote down the sounds that she  could hear in other words she wanted to use. She also remembered to include some "finger spaces" between some words and a period at the end of her story. This is how we learn to write in Kindergarten. What a terrific job she did!

"I was in the cash register. I brought the chocolate milk and I brought watermelon."

Don't forget…. Student Led Conferences today. The school will be open tonight from 4:30-7:00 for you and your child to stop by the classroom. Your child will share what he/she has been learning at school this term. Hope to see you here!


  1. What a fun store! I would love to shop at your store. The apron that the produce manager and store clerk is wearing looks familiar. Those were big words for a Kindergarten kid to write. Excellent Job!!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Your Texas Blog reader.

  2. Grocery store is a lot of fun! Tayanna, her dad and I all were able to play at parent teacher! Tayanna was the cashier and we were the customers! Great job everyone! Happy St.Patricks Day to everyone!!! - Tayanna's mom

  3. HI.
    We like our grocery store. It is fun! We like to pretend we are shopping in the Kinderstor!
    By room 7