Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday Sharing Time

    The boys and girls from Room 7 who bring something to school when it is their scheduled sharing day, really look forward to "show and telling" everyone about whatever it is they have brought to school. The other kids are also interested in seeing and hearing about what their friends have brought to school. It is a great opportunity to develop public speaking skills, confidence, speech and language skills, listening skills (being a polite listener), and identifying objects that meet the criteria of what can be shared each week.
     And we must also note that everyone also looks  forward to having their photo taken and posted to our blog!  Here's what these Friday kids brought that start with a /m/ sound!

(Thank you very much to Mrs. Macdonell, our Resource Teacher, who took this photo of Sharing Time on Friday, when Mrs. Grant was at home, sick in bed. )

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