Friday, June 2, 2017


We went for a walk today. We walked down a street with lots of shade, and learned the name of the purple flowers we noticed along the way. We also stopped to see the house of one of the people in our class! The park had a lot of trees - which we have learned also provides shade - among the other uses for trees. We used our gross motor skills (big muscles) as we played at the park. Learning to take turns on a few things was also a requirement to have fun!

Along the way back to school, we learned about our address. We still have some students who are not sure of their own personal information - including their address. So we noted that your address is really 2 pieces of information. 
   1.  the street name and 
   2. the house number. 
We read each house number as we passed by each house on our way back to school!
Word puzzles on the smart board...(unscramble the letters to spell a word)

We finished our third visit today with the dance teacher. Kids had fun creating their own dance moves. 


For Sharing time for the rest of June, students are allowed to bring one thing of their choice. But they must be able to say 3 sentences about what they have brought to show and tell us about.

Have a great weekend.
Reminder... we will be going to the Children's Museum on Monday. Students who usually go home for lunch, or go to Daycare -- please remember to bring your lunch to school.


  1. I know all about Darth Vader. Do you have the complete outfit? Mrs. Grant's cousin has the complete outfit.
    What a fun day at the park. Great job on the word puzzles.
    Reading my favorite blog in Texas.

    1. HI. This young man DOES have the complete outfit! Mrs. Grant showed us some pictures of her cousin and HIS costumes, too!! They were cool! Thanks for the comment.
      From Room 7

      HI.This young man DOES have the complete outfit. Mrs. Grant showed the class some pictures of her cousin all dressed up in some of HIS costumes, too!! They were cool.
      From Room 7