Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fire Station Tour

We had a wonderful field trip to Fire Station #11 on Wednesday.
 During our walk there, we were noticing things along the way. We used our senses to identify various things (ie. barking dogs and vehicle sounds, freshly cut lawn and lilac smells, noticing signs and numbers and dandelion seeds). We also stopped to check out a tree that had been cut down by a homeowner and notice the rings on the trunk. We read the numbers on houses along the way. We read signs (ie. "Beware of Dog") and made sure we understood what that meant! We checked for traffic before crossing the roads/back lanes and watched for the WALK signal on traffic lights. We also stopped to look at the old fire station, that is over 100 years old, before carrying on to the new fire station. There is SO much to learn on a walk. What do you observe in your environment when you go for a walk with your family? Always something to learn!
Upon arriving at the Fire Station.... we went to their common room to watch a video about fire safety and have a discussion. Do you all have smoke detectors in your home, and a plan for getting out of your home in case of fire?? 
I am sure you have heard about our fun at the fire station already. Some other activities this day included.... learning about the gear a fire fighter wears, learning about the equipment/tools on the truck, hearing a real alarm go off that sent some fire fighters running to their truck and leaving to attend to an emergency, sitting in the fire truck, and spraying the fire hose at some pylons. 

We had a great afternoon!! Thanks so much to the Fire Fighters at Station 11 for a wonderful tour!



Check out these short videos....


  1. Wasn't that an exciting trip to the Fire Station? Who wants to be a fireman or fire woman when you grow up? Enjoying your blog in Texas.

    1. Yes, we had lots of fun at the Fire Station! Yes, some of us want to be fire fighters when we grow up! We all liked spraying the fire hose! It was fun!
      From Room 7

  2. I can see that everyone had a great time! Have fun learning guys! Time flown by so fast! Enjoy the remaining weeks in Kindergarten! from Miguel's mom