Monday, June 19, 2017

Police officer visit

Today we had a visit from a police officer. She told us about some of her duties. She reminded us that she -and any other police officer- are "safe" strangers. They are someone we can go to if we need help. We talked about when to call 9-1-1. She showed us what she has in the trunk of her vehicle, and she let us sit in the front seat. Did you know she has a computer in there?!  We also got an opportunity to sit in the back seat, too!  She turned on her flashing lights, but thought the siren might be too loud for us. We can now identify her as a community helper and a person in our neighbourhood (just like the fire fighters and librarians that we have met this month!)



A few people in our class had the opportunity to read to the rest of the friends that sit with them in their table teams.
One of our friends celebrated his birthday yesterday. His mom brought in some cupcakes to share with everyone, and she brought a flying spinner for each person in our class, too. We went outside to eat the cupcakes and play with the spinners.

Last Thursday, a second group of kids from our class went downstairs to sing O'Canada in the morning, over the intercom-- for everyone else in the school to sing along with. (Here is a photo from that day)


  • "Canada 150" Family Celebration Day is on Wednesday, June 21 - Call the school if you can share an activity/game/song/food from your culture. Please feel free to join us.

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