Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Outside math

Write Around the Room time...
We made sandcastles in the sand. If you have 3 sandcastles, and then you build 2 more... How many do you have? 2+3 makes 5 sandcastles!

We did some sorting and measuring outside. First we sorted a whole bunch of recyclable materials by size. Then we practiced using non-standard items to measure some of the recyclables and objects near by!
word puzzles... we have some great little puzzle builders who were able to put these picture/word cards together!
REMINDER:  Tomorrow we will be sampling different kinds of ethnic food at lunch time. Please still send a healthy lunch for your child as usual - in case he/she doesn't care to sample any of the foods.
a BIG THANK YOU to all the parents in our class and from other classes who volunteered to bring food or help out with the cultural activities tomorrow! We appreciate your help!


  1. I'm admiring the nice hand writing. Great job on the sand castles.
    First day of summer today. :-) I know you're happy about that in Manitoba. Hope you enjoy the summer before school starts again in the fall.
    Your Texas blog reader.

  2. hi i like the sand castles the zoo was fun hope you like the trips your best pal joey!see you tomorrow

  3. Ali had so much fun playing Word puzzles
    Ali mom