Thursday, June 1, 2017

Humpty Dumpty

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall....." We learned this nursery rhyme today. Then we did an experiment. We made a bridge by placing a flat piece of paper on top of two block towers. Then we put a real egg on the bridge. Unfortunately, our bridge sank down. (We tried this with a hard-boiled egg and a fresh egg.)  Then we tried folding the paper, and this made our bridge MUCH stronger!!  The bridge didn't sink! IT held the Humpty Dumpty egg on top of the bridge!!  Then we tried building our own designs to hold our Humpty Dumpty eggs (or something to represent the egg!)

Building letters and numbers from straight lines and curves..

Putting abc magnets in alphabetical order...


  • Students should not bring toys to school unless it is their sharing day.
  • Students need to be independent at putting on their own shoes. Laces are not the best choice for little fingers that have not developed the motor skills used for tying yet. Please have your child wear slip-on or velcro shoes to school so they can put them on independently. Students change shoes at least 4 times a day!
  • Students are encouraged to wear a hat to school every day, and bring a water bottle to school every day, too.

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