Thursday, October 13, 2016

Star of the Week

We have started our "Star of the Week" program this week. This young lady shared her poster with us earlier in the week. Today we did a shared writing activity and wrote a story about her. It is so exciting to see that some students are already becoming familiar with some letter sounds and were able to help us spell some of the words in the story! 
{ Each week, the designated "Star" will bring home an envelope with instructions and a poster to complete. When it is your child's turn, please help your child complete this activity and return it to school the follow Monday. Thanks for your support.}

It turned into a nice fall day today.

Sharing Time 
Some information from the Welcome to Kindergarten package about media use - including unhealthy media activities. Please take a look.

DO any of these things look familiar? IF so, please let me know.

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