Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Discoveries

We made a list of everything we know about pumpkins. We also read a story about pumpkins... and we played with pumpkins!  We used our sense of touch to feel them, used a variety of things to measure them, and even made shapes on them using tacks and rubber bands! Some kids recorded their observations, too.

"I drew a big pumpkin and a small pumpkin because they are different sizes."

These folks were recording some of the numbers from their measurements!
This young lady wrote "14tol" because she noticed when she measured a pumpkin it was 14 tall!

Someone else recorded a pumpkin as being "78 tol"  (78 tall)!!



  1. You kids are AMAZING!!!! Excellent job on the pumpkins and the measurements.
    Love that girl's hat at sharing time. Loving your blog in Texas

    1. Hi. Thank you for the comment. The person wearing the hat wants you to know that he is a boy - not a girl! We had a lot of fun measuring pumpkins!
      From Room 7

  2. SORRY for calling the boy a "girl". :-( He's a nice looking kid. I still like the hat. Texas blog reader