Friday, October 28, 2016

halloween activities

These students were checking out this Halloween activity (noticing print goes from left to right, matching letters and words, learning Halloween vocabulary, noticing initial sounds in words, and having fun!)

Our Star of the Week for this week!!!

Today we welcomed a new student to our class. We now have 10 girls and 13 boys in our class.

  • Don't forget to return the Halloween Dance fundraiser to school, if you haven't already. The pledge sheet and money should both be returned together on Monday. Be sure to print your child's name on the form. Thanks.
  • Students are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school on Monday OR they can bring them to school and put them on in the afternoon for the dance party. Please make sure all costume pieces are labelled with your child's name, to ensure they make it home for trick-or-treating Monday night. Please do not send any weapons that may be associated with the costume.
  • Should you wish to send a Halloween treat to school for your child on the days following trick-or-treating..... please double check to make sure that it doesn't contain nuts or peanuts. We want to keep ALL children safe. Please continue to send a healthy lunch with your child, too.
  • Thank you to the families who volunteered to send a treat for our Halloween party on Monday afternoon.
  • Students are allowed to have a water bottle at their locker.
  • OCTOBER home reading charts are due by November 1st. If your child's chart is complete, be sure his/her name is on it, and you check off the incentive. (treasure chest or Boston Pizza Coupon.)  Please place your child's completed chart in his/her red communication folder. As a bonus.... all children who fill up their chart, will also receive a coupon for Pizza Hut!!!      A new NOVEMBER chart will be sent home on Tuesday. Keep on reading!!! 

    • The school sells chocolate milk (small cartons) at lunchtime for any students that may be interested in purchasing it. It costs $1.00 a day. If you would like your child to purchase some milk, on any given day, just put $1 in the red folder. You are not committed to buying it on a regular basis - just the day you bring money. As an alternative, some students are already bringing milk in an insulated thermos. That is a great idea, that you may want to do, too!!

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