Monday, October 17, 2016

A Star, a Storyteller, and a Juggler

Our "Star of the Week" did a wonderful job telling us all about herself and sharing her "All About Me Robot" poster. 
This morning, we had a visitor as part of "The Integrated Arts" program. Mrs. Leigh-Anne Kehler will be coming to our class three times this week. We are exploring the "Seven Teachings" and the animals associated with it through drama and play. 
       Today we learned that beaver showed WISDOM when he built a lodge to prepare for the rain. To make the connection, Mrs. Kehler asked the kids how they get ready for school?
       She also told us the story of the lone wolf who learned HUMILITY when he couldn't make it on his own so he returned to his pack. From this we learned we need each other to be successful. 



This afternoon our school had a special assembly.... to watch an awesome juggler, named Robin Chestnut. 



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