Friday, October 14, 2016

Personal Space Bubbles

Since the first day of school, we have been learning about "personal space" bubbles. (ie.  how to line up without pushing the people in front of or behind us, sitting on the carpet without bothering the people around us, keeping our hands and the rest of our bodies to ourselves during work and play, etc.). We always want to be aware of and respectful of other people's personal space. 
  Today, we tried out a different kind of bubbles.... the kind that you blow and chase in the wind!!  Everyone had fun blowing their bubbles outside!

We wanted to paint the pumpkins that we had drawn. Unfortunately, we only had red and yellow paint..... SO- we tried mixing those colours together, and -- guess what?  It made orange! We were able to paint our pumpkins orange!


Have a good weekend!
NEXT WEEK:  Friday, Oct. 21st is a provincial inservice day. No school for kids!

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