Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Write Around the Room

We were word detectives today!  We had to walk around the room and find some words to write down on our paper. We call this "write around the room". Students do not need to be able to read the word, just use their pencil skills (fine-motor) to copy the word down. But it is interesting to note how many words they found that they COULD read!!  Students were very engaged and enjoyed being detectives.  
It is a great activity to do at home, too. Have your child try it on the weekend!

We got out some scarves this afternoon. First we pretended that the kids were trees (reviewing our tree vocabulary), and the scarves were leaves and the wind was blowing them around. 
Then we opened up the scarf to make a shape. Do you know what shape we made?
We practiced our folding skills, and made a new shape!
And when we folded it again, we were back to a square... but smaller this time!
One more fold.... and we were back to the rectangle!
SHARING TIME... something that is orange

For your information.... everyone is invited to join us for the...

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