Friday, November 6, 2015

sorting and counting

Identifying and counting numbers to ten, and making groups of blocks to match each number on the "Counting mat".

 Sorting the links by colour, and making colour patterns

Today we celebrated 2 birthdays (one for today and one for on the weekend). We always make a special birthday book for the birthday child. This also provides a great opportunity to develop some social skills. We read through the book, and the birthday child thanks each student as we go, for the picture/message that was drawn for him/her. They are to look at each other (make eye contact) - one says "Thank you" and the other says "You're welcome!".  

We have talked about how when someone gives you something (or helps you, etc.) - you should automatically say "Thank-you" (without the prompt of "what do you say?).  This is a life long social skill that we continue to work on. Encourage and expect these good manners from your child at home, too.

Sharing Time 

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