Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembering ...

This morning we signed in on the Smart Board, by placing our poppy on to the wreath.
These were the stories we read today, as we learned more about Remembrance Day......and a time for Peace!
 We had a Remembrance Day assembly this morning. Part of the service involved 2 kids from every class pinning a poppy onto a wreath. Here are the representatives from our class.

The Kinders and Grade One classes sang a song called "Poppy Poppy". (Ask your child to sing it for you). The other grades sang songs, too.

Mrs. Macdonell came to visit us today. We looked at a new book that she made.... that had pictures of when baby Elias came to visit us last month. We will add new pictures each time he comes to visit. We also talked about "Why do babies cry" and brainstormed a list. She also read us a story. This was in preparation of when baby Elias comes to visit us next week.

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