Tuesday, November 3, 2015

School Pictures

Can you tell what these boys are up to?  This is what I heard them saying as they were writing.... "Across the sky, and down from heaven, that's the way you make a 7".  Lots of number sevens being printed here!!

Sharing time

School Pictures are being sent home today!   You can order photos from the proofs enclosed, or I suggest you go online and login (use the Portrait ID and Access Code on the proof sheet) to have a lot more options of backgrounds. You can order directly online if you wish to have a pose that is not on the proof sheet. Otherwise, if you choose to order from the proof sheet sent home, simply complete your order and send it in with a cheque in the envelope provided. Due date to order photos OR return the proofs is November 12th.
      IF you are not happy with the proofs for any reason (no smile, messy hair, etc.) simply return the package to school, and your child can have pictures on the re-take day, if you wish. 


  1. What a great way to remember how to make a 7. I see you have some construction workers in room 7. Nice Job!
    Mrs. Grant's aunt

    1. Hi. We have a lot of number rhymes to help us remember how to print the numbers! Thank you for the comment.
      From Room 7