Friday, November 20, 2015

Label, label, label!!!

Dear Parents..... Please label your child's clothes. We had several mix ups and tears  today. We have more than one pair of black ski pants in our room and several pairs of boots that look the same.... and some kids don't know what belongs to them - especially since this is the first day that many clothing items have been worn. Mittens get dropped in the hallway, and the best way to identify any lost items is if there is a name on it. So Please take a few moments to label your child's outerwear, including boots, and also show your child where his/her name or initials can be found. 
******THANK YOU!!.... from Mrs. Grant and 24 Kindergarten kids

Today was Friday.... so that means it was "Friday Fun Day" in the Gym!! I stopped by the gym to take a few photos of what some kids were up to during gym class.

Please check the note sent home today regarding the Winter Concert on Dec. 2nd

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