Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Today we decided to carve our pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern! The majority of us wanted the eyes and nose to be a triangle shape. Thank you to Mrs. Johannson (EA) who did the carving for us. Before that happened, we all took turns reaching into the pumpkin and pulling out a handful of seeds and pulp! Some of us thought it was a little gooey! We also did a sequencing activity where we had to put 4 pictures in order that told the story of carving a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.

  Today was .....Head Topper Day!  Students were invited to top their heads with a hat or crazy hair!

  I spy... something that is ORANGE .... for Sharing time

Guess who spelled their names with the connecting blocks?  (also note.... each knew the letters in her own name, each was able to problem solve on how to turn the blocks into a letter shape, one made a pattern with some colours, one sorted the colours, and one used random colours out of the blocks that were left!   =  lots going on here!)


  1. Looks like everyone had fun on Head Topper Day. Is that a cow on that boys hat? I was a cow for Halloween many years ago. That was the most fun I ever had on Halloween. Happy Halloween to you all & Mrs. Grant. Have Fun and be safe.
    Mrs. Grant's Aunt

    1. HI. Yes, that was a little cow on his head! We thought that was funny that you dressed up like a cow! Happy Halloween!
      From Room 7

  2. I loved all of the fancy hair and hats that your class had today! It smelled like pumpkin in your room too! Are you going to save the seeds and roast them? If you do, please save some for me! There are some creative kids in room 7! I wonder what you are going to spell next…maybe HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    1. HI. Thank you for the comment. Did you like the pumpkin seeds we gave you? We liked the pumpkin seeds, too!
      Happy Halloween,
      From Mrs. Grant