Monday, October 27, 2014

Jack-o-lantern people

We created some jack-o-lantern people today. Everyone created their own unique jack-o-lantern by drawing, cutting, pasting, and by using their imaginations! We even ended up with a couple pirate jack-o-lanterns. We noticed our jack-o-lantern people are kinda the same, yet different --- just like us!
Artists at work
We had some new little visitors in our class.. for dress up like a teacher day! Do you recognize them?
The 2 Mr. Millers....
At centre time today, these students were busy using blocks to make letters. Took a bit of thinking to make it work, but they did it!  We even had people making their names out of the blocks!


  1. Great job on the jack-o-lantern people! I was thinking now 2 girls have glasses, and the girl in the dark hair sure looks like Mrs. Grant. Good job on dressing up like the teachers. Anxious to see how you'll dress up the rest of the week. Mrs. Grant's aunt

  2. HI.
    Thank you for the comment. We are having fun dressing up this week. We are glad you noticed that 2 of us had glasses yesterday.
    From Room 7