Monday, October 20, 2014

Bus Safety

Bus Driver Bob visited us earlier this term and taught us about bus safety.  As this week is officially designated as School Bus Safety Week in Manitoba, we reviewed what we had learned. We also watched a video made by the Hanover School Division in southern Manitoba, as they took the song by Meghan Trainor, and changed the lyrics to All About That Bus Safety. We liked singing the chorus! You can watch it here....All About That Bus Safety

 We read the story of the "Five Little Pumpkins" today. We like singing the song, too. We also used our fine motor skills  to cut out 5 various sized paper pumpkins, and then we sequenced them in order from the smallest to the largest (or largest to smallest).  We needed our thinking skills for that!

  During the Learning Carpet Time today, this group of kids was practicing putting numbers in order from 1-10, and identifying the numbers that come BEFORE or AFTER a given number. These 2 words can be confusing.  
Please check out our school blog for information about recycling old phones and plastic bags.
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  1. Keep up the good work everyone! - Jace's mom

  2. Hi
    Thank you for the comment.We will try and keep up the good work.
    Jace say "I love you, Mom!"
    From Room 7