Thursday, October 23, 2014

Count how many

This little fellow was playing dress up today. 
We have been using Halloween erasers to do several different activities at school. We sort them, create patterns with them, count them, and more! Today some students tried a couple different things.

Game # 1.  count how many erasers.... now close your eyes while Mrs. Grant hides some under the cup... now open your eyes and tell me how many are hiding.  

Game #2.  Let's line up the erasers and count them. (If student counts correctly with one-to-one correspondence, he/she will count 10.) Now stack up the erasers in 2 piles. How many are there now?  ......The purpose of this activity is to learn to trust the count. If there were 10 erasers when they were lined up, there will STILL be 10 erasers when they are stacked. 
Students who trust the count, will say something like "there are still 10" and look at Mrs. Grant like she forgot how many there were!   However, as one little boy said "why does the number keep changing from when they are lined up to stacked up?"  This child is still learning to count with one-to-one correspondence and to trust the count.  :)

This is a great activity to do at home..... use coins, lego, jellybeans, stickers, whatever!

Sharing Time today.... something that is brown

Tomorrow is a provincial inservice. No school. 
Next week there are special days to dress up like....Monday is - dress up like your favourite teacher!

See you next week!


  1. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all that Remington has learned so far. And thank you for all the hard work that you do with the children, it really shows!

  2. Hi.
    Mrs. Grant says "thank you for the nice note!"
    "We are learning lots in Kindergarten", said the boys and girls.
    Remington says "I love you mama!"

    From Room 7