Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We share everything.... or do we?

Today we read the story "We Share Everything" by Robert Munsch. We discovered that although we will be sharing a lot of things at school, there are also things that we DO NOT want to share. Most importantly... we do NOT want to share our germs... and other people do NOT want us to share our germs with them.  We need to remember to cover our cough and sneeze, and to always wash our hands after using the bathroom. Parents, please help your child develop these very important habits, if they are not already doing this.

Today was Day 5. Every Day 5 we will be going to the library. Today our librarian, Mr. Wesselius, talked to us about how to take good care of books. (don't drop them or step on them, don't write in them, don't eat or drink while holding a book, don't rip the pages out, etc). Then we each got to choose a book to take home and read with our parents. Mr. W. also had a special surprise for us. His mother had sewn a special book bag for each of us to take our book home in and then return it in by the next Day 5. Thank you to Mr. W and his mom!!

Our new book bags


  1. That is so nice of Mr. W's Mom to make all those bags. That's a lot of bags to sew. Enjoy using them.

    TX blog reader

  2. Wow room 7! Your very own book bags, how special! I hope that you find great books to go inside!

  3. Grace loved her new book bag! She was so excited to read us her new book, and show off her new bag. What a lovely thing for Mr. W's mom to do!