Monday, September 29, 2014

Bus Ridership

Today Bus Driver Bob stopped by our school to teach all classes about how to ride the bus safely. We learned about how to sit properly and safely, the 4 different ways to exit the bus in case of an emergency, and we also got to practice exiting the bus safely from the back door!!!!  Some other points were....
  • do not go behind the bus (Daytonna)
  • do not go under the bus (Annalynn)
  • wait until the bar comes out to cross in front (whole class contribution)
  • do not go in the danger zone (Remington)
  • don't jump out of the back door... (Grace)
    • ....unless there is an emergency! (Sophie)

Of course today was a great day to sing the song 
"The Wheels On the Bus".
And we did a Smart Board activity where we had to identify the number and put that many people on the bus!!


  1. Nikolai and Sebastian explained to me that going under a bus is especially bad because you could get squished into a pancake shape and that would really hurt. I agree. Great safety tips everyone!
    ~ Stefanie

  2. Thank you for the comment. Bus driver Bob told us we would get squished like a pancake, and we don't want that to happen!!!
    Have a good day! Nicolai and Sebastian said "we love you mom".

    From Room 7