Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Today was a "dot" kind of day. We celebrated "International Dot Day". We read this story, "the dot", which is a great inspiration to teach us that we are all artists!

   We also read this book which had lots of dots in it!  We noticed that dice have dots on them, too!

We did a little painting with Q-tips by each making our mark on the paper by dotting different colours of paint. When we were done, we had also created a big dot by not painting on a part of the paper.

   We kept busy by using bingo dabbers to make dots on the letters that spell each person's name.

  All done!!!

  We went on a Dot Scavenger hunt around the school. We had to be detectives and look for colourful dots. Some of the dots we found were..... 
  • by the Kindergarten lunch room, 
  • on Mr. Miller's (Vice-Principal)  office door, 
  • on the school office door where we met the secretary, Mrs. Nagam,
  • and on the principal's (Ms. Couch) office door
They all had numbers on them, and we noticed we could put them in order from 1 - 11.

We each coloured a dot, using our own ideas for design and colours. Then we used an app called the "colar app" to bring our coloured dots to life and give each one a 3-D effect. (You can try this at home, too. Go to for more info. You will need to download the free app onto your phone or iPad and print out one of the free pictures.)

Roll the dice, and find the corresponding number of dots!

Today is one of our friend's birthday, so we each made a picture to put together into a special birthday book for her.


  1. GREAT JOB with the dots. I like your names with all the colored dots. Nice work. Happy Birthday to your special friend.

    Mrs. Grant's aunt in Texas

  2. Wow, you all had an exciting and very busy day! My favourite activity that I can see is in the photos are your dot paintings. I can't wait to see everything on Tuesday! I will have to wish someone special a happy birthday too! ~ Mrs. Macdonell

  3. Hi. Thank you for the notes! We had fun doing the dot paintings. We plan on making a special birthday book when each of our friend's in our class has a birthday! Have a nice day!
    From Room 7