Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to cut...

      Today was our first day using scissors in Kindergarten. We talked about keeping our elbow close to our body (not up in the air), putting our thumb in the small hole of the scissors, and making sure our thumb was "up" or on top of the other fingers when we were cutting. Then we practiced cutting on a dotted line... like driving on a road... and we wanted to stay on the road and try not to go in the ditch. :)  Some kids had used scissors before and knew exactly what to do, and for some it was a new experience.  We cut out 3 pictures and put them in sequence to retell the story of "The Kissing Hand". We also coloured the pictures (and talked about how to hold a crayon).


   Mrs. Johannson, our EA, reading a story to one of the students.

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