Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Show Respect

Everyday we have a chat about rules and being respectful and keeping our hands and feet to ourself. Today we also reminded each other that we need to keep everyone safe... in our classroom, in the hall, on the playground, in the music room, in the gym, and in the lunchroom. Just the same as when we are at the movie theatre, or grocery store, or church, or wherever!  We treat other people how we want to be treated. Same rules about respect everywhere!!!
We made some colour patterns today. 

CENTRE TIME..........
"This is the costume that I will be wearing for Halloween. I am going to be Elsa. And this is a picture of how my hand will look. I traced my hand to make this."
"I am making chicken noodle soup."

"I am cooking pizza."

"I made a jet out of the big lego! Will you take a picture?"

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