Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Children's Museum

Today both Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to the Children's Museum. (click on the link to check it out).What a busy and great time we had!! This is what the students had to say about our visit. 

I liked…
- the whole museum. - Alia
- where I could see through when you go down the slide. - Nathalie
- how you could move the top curtain by the slide and make it move like an eyelid. - Steven
- the play structure. – Colin
- the slide. – Ethan
- everything! – Mia, Nolan, Geoffrey, Kiezha, Brianna
- the train.- Lexi
- all of it! - Tayanna
- the slide that I went on. – Andrea
- everything! – Elizabeth, Lily, Makenna, Kyle, Ahmad

Pictures to follow in next post….

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