Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Space bubbles….

This morning Mrs. Macdonell, our Resource Teacher, stopped by to remind us about our personal space bubbles and how we need to stay in our own space at school. She used a hula hoop to show us our space, and reminded us to be considerate of others and their "space bubble" when we are …playing, lining up, talking to others, playing outside at recess, etc. 

We did another round of House Groups today. We got to do math games at the 2 other stations that were set up during Round 1 last week. This is a photo of a Math hunt game set up in the gym. Students had to solve a number sentence, then find a pylon or mat with the answer on it! There were 3 other stations as well.
This is what some of our students had to say about the Math House Groups stations…..

I liked the number hunt game.    B.B
I like the iPads . A.P.
I liked the math games on the iPads.  A.M.
I liked playing bowling. L.L.
I liked stacking the blocks after I rolled the dice. E D.
I liked the iPads. A.Z.
I had fun with the iPads. L.L.
I liked stacking the blocks. N.G.
I liked playing on the iPads. T.B.
I liked stacking because it was awesome!  G.P.
I liked the iPads. K.S.
I liked the iPads. A.S.

Here's a few photos from recess today…...

Sharing today…. something that starts with /k/

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