Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Read to Someone

Our Kindergarten class has been doing an excellent job of reading to themselves (also known as "Read to Self").   We also know how to "Read to Someone". Here's some pics from today of some kids reading to someone else from our own class. 

(Notice some of the great things that are happening …..
  • eyes are on the book
  • ignoring what is going on around you/not looking at our other friends
  • concentrating
  • reading quietly
  • sitting beside each other (EEKK)
  • taking turns reading or reading together or helping your partner read
  • reading pictures and/or reading the words
  • and more!!! )


Yesterday, our Star of the Week told us all about herself. Today we read one of her favourite books. We all had fun trying to pronouce the Filipino word for her favourite food - which is a Filipino dish!

  May is almost here!  This week for Sharing Time, the Kinders are bringing something that starts with a /m/ sound……..just like the sound that May starts with.

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