Monday, April 7, 2014

Star of the Week

      Our class has been enjoying getting to know a little more about our classmates as we celebrate a different person each week for our STAR OF THE WEEK! We are learning that sometimes we have the same answers as our friends, and sometimes our answers are unique. No matter what, it is always interesting to learn a little more about our friends. 

We always do a shared writing activity the same week, called "All about ---". We have been learning many things with our writing. This includes : 
-  learning that print carries meaning
-  learning how to correctly print letters, and to start printing letters from the top
-  learning to read and spell sight words  (words we see often)
-  sounding out unfamiliar words and recording the sounds we hear
-  Understanding that print is written and read from left to right and top to bottom
-  using punctuation
-  looking for patterns in words and words we see more than once
-  thinking of a nice compliment about our friend to end the story with
…………and all this is done each and every time! 
We are on our way to being writers!

Today our Star of the Week told us all about himself. We enjoyed looking at his photos, too!

Welcome back to everyone after Spring Break!  Only 12 more weeks of school until summer holidays!
Reminder:  Tomorrow is early dismissal!

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