Monday, May 15, 2017

My mom taught me.....

Last week, I asked each student (individually, not in a group) to tell me about one thing that his/her mom has taught him/her..... 

This is what they came up with......

"My mom taught me..."
  • Math and stuff - Ali
  • ABC 's - Chloe
  • About putting away the toys - Dahlia
  • Never go with strangers - Emily
  • about cleaning the floor and English words - Gabriel
  • different words - Gavin
  • about helping clean up the house - Jaskarn
  • To ask pet owners if I could pet their pets - Joey
  • About letters -Kiseri 
  • How to exercise and do work - Kristina
  • Drawing - Laura
  • how to walk - Leon
  • to clean up - Lucus     
  • to speak with the first letter when I speak - Micheala 
  • Don't touch an animal's mouth or you might get bit - Miguel
  • about making food - Oussama
  • Walking, when I was a baby - Parker
  • To stay downstairs when she went upstairs to get my sister - Ryden
  • How to throw the garbage out - Trayson
  • When I was four she taught me to make the "r" sound in Russian - Vera
  • Don't pick up the baby cats - Z.

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