Monday, May 29, 2017

Dance, Dance, Dance

Playing Snakes and Ladders on the Smart Board.   You can play online at home, too. Just go to Snakes and ladders Online

This young man made a pattern!!  He had 7 items in the core of his ABBBCDE pattern!!! WOW!
Today was our first of three sessions for SJASD - The Integrated Arts sessions. We have Dance Artist Rebecca Sawdon (Miss Becky) working with us this week. You can learn more about her at...



  1. That young man with the yellow shirt did an EXCELLENT job with the pattern.
    What is the name of the dance where you lay on your belly? Your Texas blog reader.

    1. Hello,
      We were doing the worm dance! It was fun! The pattern boys says "thank you!"
      From Room 7