Thursday, May 18, 2017

Another busy day!

These boys were counting, sorting, and measuring using these little manipulatives. One arranged his in order from tallest to shortest, and one arranged his like "sound waves", he said.
When you are not done playing with the cups, you make your own STOP sign.

A "Jack and Jill" dice game. Can you identify how many dots are on the die without actually counting the dots? (this is a goal for the end of Kindergarten!)
We went for a walk to a nearby park. Along the way we practiced counting how many steps from one starting point to a specific stop point (good practice for counting!!  Try that when you walk home from school, or go for a family walk in the evening, and see if you can count 100 steps). We looked both ways before we crossed the street, and we didn't "dilly-dally" when we were crossing the street! Once we were at the park, we did a numeracy activity there, by playing a game of "how many? number hunt" which had us running around the park counting different items listed on our paper and recording the number, too. And of course we had lots of fun using our big muscles at the park.
Thank you to Miss Janzen, for joining us on our walk to the park.


What a nice surprise!! After last recess, one of the little girls in our class wrote me such a nice note during centre time.  I  had to take a picture of it and share.

Sharing time....


  1. That girl is a great speller. Nice job!
    That was a fun day at the park. Reading your blog in Texas

    1. Hi. We had lots of fun at the park and we hope to go again soon!
      From Room 7