Friday, May 5, 2017

A Walk to the Park

We went for a walk this afternoon. We stopped along the way and talked about some of the signs we saw. What do they mean? We learned how to check for traffic before crossing roads and back lanes. We learned about sharing the sidewalk with other people that we meet along the way. We felt the bark on a tree trunk. We had some good conversations along the way, and then.....
...  we got to our destination!!!   We had lots of fun playing at this park! We had to use our communication skills, and practice our turn-taking and co-operation skills (social skills).  We were developing our gross motor skills and having fun at the same time!! 

Just have to share these stories about the number 10 that a couple students did this morning.
Sharing Time

* Please send a reusable water bottle to school every day for your child to have in his/her locker during the day, and to take along when we go for a walk. 
* Please be sure your child wears a hat to school, especially on the warm and sunny days.

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  1. Are you in grade one since you can do those big math stories? That's AMAZING!!
    Did you enjoy the fun day at the park? Glad it was a beautiful day for you.
    This Texan loves your blog.