Wednesday, May 25, 2016


On our field trip to the Children's Museum we did a paper making activity... where we shredded some paper that was ready to be recycled... and we recycled it into making our OWN PAPER!  We had to let it dry for a few days!  Today we tried writing on it with different writing tools... pencils, crayons - light and dark, and markers. We noticed that some tools worked better than others!

Mrs. Macdonell (Resource Teacher) visited our room today, and yesterday, too. She was reviewing what we have already learned about emotions, body language, how we are the same but different, and  how everyone is special for many different reasons. We have also been learning about milestones, with reference to baby Elias and all the milestones he has reached since we first met him... and there have been many!!!!  Today we each drew a picture of something that we can do -- a milestone that each of us has reached! Ask your child to tell you about his/her milestones!


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